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Agios Konstantinos

The port of Agios Konstandinos belongs to the prefecture of Fthiotida and connects mainland Greece with the islands of the Northern Sporades (Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos). In the last years, and after the completion of the new National Road Athens-Lamia, Agios Konstandinos is a port easily accessible, preferred by more and more passengers for their travels. 



How to get to Agios Konstandinos

By car from the Athens Airport (about 2.5 hours drive)

There is also the option of getting a taxi, but it is more expensive.

Otherwise, there is the bus line X93, starting from the airport and arriving at the intercity bus station of Liosia, where someone can get a bus going from Athens to Agios Konstandinos.


Police Station : 22350 31622

Port Authority : 22350 31759

Municipality of Agios Konstantinos : 22350 31734

KTEL Fthiotidos : 22310 51345 -6

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