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The Lady

Andros is a lush, fertile island which hides countless treasures. The natural beauty and important monuments reveal aspects of its glorious history. There are endless vineyards, fields with fruit trees, beautiful landscapes and spring waters which are not found in other Cycladic islands. Beautiful beaches with white sand and clear water offer true relaxation. Visit the beautiful villages with their traditional architecture and elegant appearance that famous “shipowners and captains” gave them. Beautiful houses, public buildings, paved walkways and squares, picturesque streets, old churches, cafes and taverns compose the famous Cycladic settlement. In Menites, the village with the running waters and the ancient trees, you will find sources of Dionysus with the typical lion heads.

  • Grias Pidima
  • Ahla
  • Vitali
  • Batsi
  • Chora
  • Korthi
  • Piso Gialia
  • Apothikes
  • Zorgos
  • Megala Peza
  • Archaeological site of Palaiopolis
  • Waterfalls Palaiopolis
  • Museum of Contemporary Art -Goulandris
  • Afanis Naftis(Missing Sailor)
  • Lighthouse Tourlitis
  • Pigeon Houses
  • Monastery Panachratou -Agios Panteleimon
  • Monastery of Agios Nikolaos
  • Monastery of Agia Marina

Andros is the largest Cycladic Island after Naxos and only 2 hours from the port of Rafina. The name of Andros has its origins in mythology. The most widely accepted version is that its first inhabitant was Andros. Andreus had divine origin and his father was Ainos, son of the god Apollo and his mother was either Kreousa or Rio, daughter of Stafilou, son of the god Dionysus.

Police: +30 22820 22300

Port Authority: +30 22820 71213

First Aid: +30 22820 23333

Municipality of Andros : +30 22823 60200

Fire Service :+30 22820 42199

Taxi Chora :+30 22820 22171 , Batsi +30 22820 71561 ,Korthi +30 22820 62171

Buses ; +30 22820 22316

Museum of Contemporary Art -Goulandris: +30 22820 22444

Monastery of Agios Nikolaos : +30 22820 22190

Monastery of Agia Marina : +30 22820 24074

Monastery of Panachrantou : +30 22820 51090

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