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Donousa, a heaven on earth for the few

Donousa is the beloved island of free campers and not only. According to locals, someone could cross the whole island in 5 hours. There are 4 small villages on the island: Stavros, which is the port and the capital, Mesaria, the green Mersini with its running waters, and Kalotaritissa with its amazing beaches. On the hill of Stavros the chapel of Panagia looms, built in the late 19th c. It is a place ideal for enjoying the sunset. The free campers can use the beach of Kedros, where camping is allowed by the municipal authorities. Besides, visitors can explore the remains of the German destroyer “Orion”, which was sunk during the 2nd World War, and nowadays lies on the seabed of Donousa. Generally, although it is a small island, there it is nothing less compared to larger Aegean islands. It is worth tasting the traditional dish patatato (boiled potatoes with goat meat), pitaria (small pies) with pepper marsh, fried gigantes (large beans) with batter and always accompanied by local rakomelo (a mixed alcoholic drink made by raki, honey and some regional spices or herbs). In Donousa there is the well-known Fokospilia, one of the last shelters in Southern Aegean for the seal Monachus Monachus.

  • Panagia Church
  • Stavros
  • Livadi
  • The beaches of Kalotaritisa
  • Cave of the Wall
  • Traitional Events & Festivals

Donousa or Denousa or Spinoza (for the foreign sailors) is the easternmost island of Cyclades, at a distance of 14 nautical miles from Amorgos. Its surface area is 13,652 km2  and it has 141 pemanent residents.


Municipality of Donousa :+30 22850 51600

Police Station of Naxos : +30 22850 23280

Port Authority of Donousa : +30 22850 22300

Health Center of Donousa : +30 22850 51506

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