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Landscapes of infinite beauty, rich vegetation, dense pine forests, torrent streams, canyons and rivers compose the unprecedented beauties of the island. On the other hand, the amazing endless sandy beaches and the lace like shores, as well as the picturesque settlements with their traditional architecture complete the beautiful puzzle of Ikaria.

Until recently Ikaria was well known mainly because of the thermal spring waters. In the last years the island started developing its tourist services and promoting its special beauties. Ikaria offers a unique escape to everyone looking for a peaceful island.At the same time, visitors can enjoy a lot of activities: swimming, sea sports, magnificent beaches, unique tours in the nature and landscapes of unprecedented beauty. The eyes of the visitors will enjoy the view of lush green forests and breathtaking massifs. Finally, the archaeological sites, the Byzantine monuments, the churches and the monasteries give another aspect to the tour on the island.

The fans of surfing will love Ikaria. If you like having holidays with some friends and the idea of the morning finding you dancing in a traditional local feasts, then Ikaria should be your next destination. Besides, you surely have heard about it, or seen pictures of it, or listened to friends telling about it. The feasts are the hallmark of the island and you should enjoy them. Dance, food, wine again and again until the morning hours. Finally, you can look at the most beautiful full moon in the seaside village of Maganitis.


  • Gorge Chalari(Nas)
  • Christos Rachon
  • Tower of Drakano
  • Theoktisti Monastery
  • Nas
  • Armenistis
  • Seychelles
  • Mesakti     

Don't miss to visit the following local festivals

Arethousa(17/07) ,Karavostamo(26/07) ,Feido(27/07) , Stavlos (06/08) ,Mandria(08/08) , Kares (12/08) , Vrakades (20/08)  and Mavrato (29/08)

Ikaria is located west of Samos. Its surface is 255 km2 and it is considered as a gorgeous mountainous island. Its history is connected with the myth of Icarus, the first human who ever attempted to fly with wings made of feathers and wax. Being very excited with this unprecedented experience, he flied too close to the sun, and as a result the wax melted and he fell into the sea where he drowned, near the shores of the island which was named after him.


Police Station (Evdilos): +30 22750 31222, (Agios Kyrikos): +30 22750 22222

Port Authority (Εvdilos): +30 22750 31007, (Agios Kyrikos): +30 22750 22207

Health Center(Εvdilos): +30 22750 31228

Hospital of Ikaria:+30 22750 22236

ΚΤΕL of  Ikaria: +30 22750 32745

Τaxi: +30 22750 31587

Αirport(Faros): +30 22750 22981

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