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The Island of Simplicity

Less than two hours from the port of Lavrion, Kythnos remains an unknown and undiscovered corner of the Aegean, with wild beauty that will captivate you from the start. The landscape is Cycladic, with countless churches in each point of the island, small squares and white houses with colorful doors. There are wonderful sandy, with crystal clear waters and no human interference. Begin with the famous beaches of "Kolona" and Agios Dimitrios and they are sure to lead you to ultimate relaxation. The thermal springs of Kythnos gave the island the name Thermia. The villages called Merihas, the beautiful, amphitheatrically built Chora, the harbour, the seaside town Loutra and the traditional Dryopida is in the northern part of the island and in the southern part will find the small, picturesque bay of Agios Dimitrios and the area of Panagia Kanalas. Before leaving the island of simplicity, make sure that you have tried the thyme honey, the local almond cookies (amigdalota), and appetizing Thermiotikes Pites (pies of Thermia) with local soft cheese.

  • Panagia Kanala
  • Chorio
  • Dryopida
  • Loutra
  • Merihas

Kythnos is an island of the Western Cyclades and it is located between Kea and Serifos. The first inhabitants of Kythnos were said to be the ancient Dryopes with their king, Kythnos. The oldest findings of the island are Paleolithic and date back to the 8th millennium B.C. On the left-hand side of the village Meriha, there is the temple of Agioi Akindinoi. The saints Akindinoi, Anempodisti, Elpidoforos, Pigasios and Afthonios are the protectors of the port and each year, on November 2nd, the residents organize one of the biggest festivals of the island.

Police: +30 22810 31201
Port Authority: +30 22810 32290
First Aid: +30 22810 32234  +30 22810 31202

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