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Limnos is a wonderful island of great interest to people who love nature and archaeology. The morphology of the island was influenced by the two volcanoes, the action of which, during the ancient times, stigmatized the fate of this place.

Even if it is a volcanic island , it is nothing less when compared to the other islands of the north Aegean. Its fields are covered with grapevines which give the famous local wine, while its mountains with their impressive peaks , the high hills and the lace like shores with pure white sand create a scenery of an unforgettable beauty.

There is also an airport with daily flights which make the connection with several big cities and many islands.Lately, Limnos has become a popular tourist destination.Thanks to its great history, to its important archaeological sites, the historical monuments and the monasteries it has, it attracts plenty of visitors and, of course, most of its guest s come here for its dream like beaches and to spend unforgettable holidays on this beautiful and charming island.

The beautiful architecture of its settlements, the everyday life of the locals, the numerous options when it comes to holidays activities and the fun that it offers combine in a unique way the traditional aspect with the modern luxury, enchanting all its guests, turning them into loyal, constant admirers of Limnos.



  • The castle of Myrina
  • Zematas Panagias
  • Poliochni
  • Hephaestia
  • Keros
  • Parthenomytos
  • Gomati
  • Alyki -Chortarolimni
  • Moudros
  • Kaspakas
  • Kontias
  • Repanidi

Limnos has a surface of 477 square km and about 16.000 permanent residents.The island belongs to the administrative unit of the Prefecture of Mytilene.It has a regular ferry connection with Pireus Port and the ports of Salonica, Mytilene and Chios.

Throughout the time Limnos has always played a very important role in the history of Greece.That is how a praise worthy culture has been created and that shows even in the ruins of the ancient cities and the important findings of the diggings.






Municipality of Myrina:+30 22540 22315

Hospital of Lemnos: +30 22540 82000

Police of Myrina :+30 22540 22200

Port Authority of Myrina:+30 22540 22225

Fire Service:+30 22540 22199

Airport :+30 22540 92700

KTEL Limnos:+30 22540 22464

Taxi:+30 22540 23820

Museum of Lemnos:+30 22540 22990


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