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The Island Of Aphrodite

Milos is located in the southwestern part of the Cyclades and it stands out for its horseshoe shape and for the grand harbor, Adamas, which is one of the safest natural harbors in the Mediterranean. The island of Aphrodite, as it is called, offers breathtaking white beaches with lovely colors and enchanting coasts, created by volcanoes. With more than 70 wonderful beaches, charming villages, picturesque white alleys and beautiful sunsets, you are sure to fall in love in Milos! For great dives discover the cliffs of Sarakiniko, the fjords of Papagraga, Kapro, Alogomantra and the deserted Gerakas with a boat from Agia Kiriaki and many others. Visit Plaka and the Venetian castle from the 13th century, the Pollonia and try the local watermelon pie “karpouzopita”.

  • Adamantas
  • Pollonia
  • Zefiria
  • Plaka
  • Tripiti
  • Triovasali

Milos has been inhabited since prehistoric times so it is rich in ruins of ancient cities and has remarkable archaeological findings. The island also has one of the most ancient mines of the Mediterranean, rich in minerals such as Opsidian, a black rock that resembles glass.

Buses: +30 22870 22445
Police Station: +30 22870 21204
Tourist Police: +30 22870 21378     
Port Police +30 22870 23360
Port Authority: +30 22870 22100
Taxi station of Adamadas :+30 22870 22219
First Aid: +30 22870 21405 & +30 22873 60001
Airport: +30 22870 22381

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