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The small island has a great marine tradition. It is not by chance that a lot of ship owners come from this place, and they usually spend their holidays on their native island.

During your visit to Oinoussa you could swim in its crystal clear waters and enjoy its beautiful, clean beaches, while you will be impressed by the picturesque little ports and the natural bays. Besides, you can choose between beaches with sand and beaches with pebbles

The maritime museum is definitely worth visiting. The sea related history of the islands is shown by means of its exhibits. North west of the settlement is the Monastery of the Annunciation.The nuns here create amazing tapestries that are being exhibited in a specially made room where they can be seen and even bought.

One can find rooms to let on the island which make the visitors’ stay comfortable and secure.If what you are looking for is nice, quiet holidays in a beautiful, serene place then you have just discovered your ideal holidays destination 





  • Βronze Statue of Mermaid
  • Statue of the Mother from Oinousses
  • Merchant Maritime Academy
  • Agios Nikolaos Church
  • Local Festivals

The Oinousses are a small cluster of islands. The largest of these islands is Oinoussa which gave the name to the whole group , while the other uninhabited islets are : Panagia, Vatos, Pontikonisi, Avloni, Archondoniso and Prasonisia- the “ twins” green islands ,one of which has the Lighthouse.

They lie north east of Chios and the whole surface of this island cluster is of 14 square km. Oinoussa, because of its location in the north of the Aegean , between Chios and the Turkish shore arose the interest of the Turks who used it as a basis. The Venetians did the same. The only settlement of Oinoussa, which is also a municipality, stands out due to its beautiful mansions that belong to the captains there and due to its two storey stone houses which give this little town an aristocratic air.


Police Station :+30 22710 55222

Port Authority :+30 22710 55394

Municipality of Oinousses :+30 22713 51300

Health Center of Oinousses :+30 22710 55300

Naval Maritime Museum:+30 22710 55182

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